Click tham gia groups mua bán vps - Và kiểm tra kỹ bank scam trước khi giao dịch.

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Step 1: Prepare

- You download the software called Remote desktop connection manager on: Download

- Install software on your computer.

Step 2: How to use

- Create a new vps group: Click File on the bar menu and select New

- In the screen that appears, fill in the group name and click Save, here we create a new group named Test.

- After having the group, start creating a connection by right-clicking on the group and selecting Add server:

- On the screen that appears we pay attention to the two Server Settings tab, Logon Credentials.

- In the Server Settings tab:

+ Server name section: enter ip vps

+ Display name: Enter the vps display name (optional)

- In the Logon Credentials tab:

+ Username: Enter the username of the vps

+ Password section: enter the password of vps

+ Domain: fill ip or vps domain or leave blank.

- Then click Add button below.

- Here you just double click on the vps to connect Or click each ip you want to connect.

- Step by step you have seen all active VPS and you will be able to more easily manage these vps.

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